Since I installed Freeshield on my cell phone and under my laptop, I feel so much better.”
Kathy, Fenwick, Ontario, Canada

Why Freeshield Is Free

We're often asked why we provide FreeShield for free to the public. This is a good question and here's the answer.

Passion - FreeShield is a humanitarian project inspired by genuine passion and interest. Founder Craig Brockie, is genuinely interested in the well-being of others and enjoys making a positive impact in people's lives.

It's common for people to volunteer their time, energy and creatively to help others. The FreeShield project is an example of this.

Cost-Effectiveness - The beauty of distributing FreeShield is that it is done digitally and and costs almost nothing to deliver.

Pay it Forward! This is campaign is for everyone. Today over a million users have experienced life changing results from this technology, and it continues to grow through word of mouth.

We know that you'll love FreeShield and 'Pay it Forward' by sharing it with others. is a humanitarian project of .


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