“Your FreeShield works! I wish more people could understand this stuff and I continue to share …thanks again.”
Kathryn, Orlando, Florida

What Does “Pay it Forward” Mean?

Watch the Following Movie Trailer to Get the Idea..

Please Do Your Part and 'Pay it Forward'

FreeShield is a humanitarian project that was created with the goal of benefiting millions of cell phone users.

FreeShield is provided absolutely FREE to everyone who wants to use it. Rather than try to pay us back in some way, please 'Pay it Forward' by sharing FreeShield with others.

The easiest way to share FreeShield with others is to forward an email with the technology attached to your friends and family. If you have not yet received this email, simply click the red button below and we'll send you an email right away along with the very latest version of FreeShield available.

If you take the time to watch movies like “Thrive” you’ll begin to understand that we have all the technology we need right now to not only survive, but prosper on this planet. FreeShield is just a small step towards this goal.


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