“I noticed immediately that my phone no longer gets hot.” - Lynn Dellapasta, Olmsted Twp., Ohio
"I found that I didn't get the usual ear buzz with using the shield with my cordless and cell phone."- Sharon Donaghue, Hamilton , Ontario

Why are thermograph tests crucial to our understanding of FreeShield’s power to protect against exposure?

Thermography is the ability to detect and measure the thermal energy emitted from an object. Infrared cameras measure thermal energy, converting the invisible infrared spectrum into thermal images that can be translated into the photographs that see below. Evident are the bio-heating affects of cellular phones and the tremendous ability of FreeShield to not only negate these harmful effects.

Independent scientific research using thermograph testing proves that FreeShield reduces exposure from cell phone radiation by up to 87%

The images you see below show the tissue heating effects of a fifteen minute cell phone conversation using infrared thermography.


infrared with and without freeshield

The test shows an increase in temperature in all regions of the subject’s face after 15 minutes of cell phone use.  It also shows how the installation of FreeShield technology led to the reduction of the heat and radioactive frequencies. The research was conducted through several trials of thermograph testing coming to the conclusive finding that up to 87% heat reduction is present with FreeShield installation.

Does your face ever get hot from talking on your cell phone?

The first thing we need to understand is that cell phones emit frequencies in both the radio and microwave range.
How can the heating effects of cell phone radiation alter our DNA?
The warmth on and behind the ear felt by users of mobile phones is one type of heat. Another type of heat unknown to the user, therefore not reported is the effect of hotspots within the body from microwaves.

“The radio frequency that carries the information in your cell phone is the same kind of radio-frequency that drives your microwave oven…” - Dr. David Carpenter – Director of the Institute for Health and the Environment, University of Albany.

We all know that microwaves can rapidly cook food. We also know that many cell phone users experience heat after talking on their cell phone for as little as 15 minutes.
The problem with warming up areas inside the body is that they alter cellular proteins.
Any cellular damage that goes unrepaired affects the future generation of cells. The change is then procreated and this mutation is seen as a possible cause of cancer.

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