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Contact Us

If you did not receive your FreeShield:
Due to the high demand for FreeShield technology and the fact that it's free, we do not have the resources available to respond to everyone individually about email deliverability issues.

If you happen to encounter challenges receiving our email, please consider some of the solutions listed on our "Thank You" page. This is the page you were directed to after you signed up for your FreeShield.
Here's a link to our "Thank You" page again.

To reach FreeShield by email:
To reach FreeShield by email, you can reply to any of the email messages you receive from us. Although we read all the email we receive, due to the high volume and time constraints, we respond on a case by case basis.

For better service:
If you have questions or comments about FreeShield, please join our FreeShield community forums.

Our forums are user driven and your participation is encouraged to make them the best they can be. We welcome your input on how to improve the FreeShield project. We are also accepting volunteer forum moderators.

You can reach us by postal service or courier via:

369-1027 Davie Street
Vancouver, B.C., Canada
V6E 4L2